My name is Kristi Darby, and I'm a happily married mother of two great kids that I homeschool.  I've been married for about 12 years and have been homeschooling for 6 years, now.  I have a daughter that just bridged to Cadettes, and a son that'll be a cub scout next year.  He's the primary reason for the shift from solely Girl Scouts to simply, Scouts.  I still sing the songs from a girl's point of view instead of a boy's, because doing the latter would be just weird.


We live in the Kansas City area and are members of the local Girl Scout council.  It was formerly known as Girl Scouts of Mid-Continent Council, but they merged with Topeka and St. Joseph, and the new name is (take a deep breath): Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri.


I'm also a trainer for my council.  The training program is called "Troop Camp Certification."  Basically, the leaders that want to take their troop camping have to go through us first.  They come out and spend the night with us, and we teach them everything they might come across while camping with their girls.  I have a blast every time!


Another thing I'm involved with are our Program Conferences.  We have 1 in the fall, and 1 in the spring.  I've helped out with both for the last couple of years.  Again...a blast!


Anyway, I have a little desk (that's VERY cluttered), a little computer (albeit flashy), a little headset, and sometimes, a little time.  That's when I sit down and record these songs for you guys.  I have an ongoing list of suggested songs, and songs that I just plain want to know how they go myself.  It's not just the singing in the microphone that gets the job done.  I have to sing it multiple times (usually 2 or 3), edit it (though just a little), make the page, type up the lyrics, and create the link.  It doesn't take TOO long, but it turns a 30 second song into a 20 minute project - BUT - I wouldn't change it for the world!


Now that my son is about to head into cub scouts, I've branched out a little more.  This should be exciting, and I look forward to hearing from all of you!