Little Birdies


Way up in the sky,  (Bring both arms up high)
The big birdies fly,  (Make big wings with arms)
While down in the nest,  (Point down with both hands four times)
The little birds rest.  (Put hands together, bend head down on them)


With a wing on the left,  (Fold left arm under)
And a wing on the right,  (Fold right arm under)
The little birds sleep,  (Put head down on shoulder)
All through the night.  (Close eyes)


SHHH!  THEY’RE SLEEPING!!! (yell line)


The bright sun comes up,  (Bring both arms up high)
The dew falls away,   (Point down with both hands four times)
"Good morning, good morning," (Put hands together, then spring apart, do twice)
The little birds say.


 “CHEEP! CHEEP! CHEEP!” (Put right hand on left shoulder and left hand on right armpit.  Move elbows up and down like beaks)


I open my eyes, (Stretch)

And roll out of bed (Roll your arms forward)

I open my window (Open that window up!)

AND SMASH THAT BIRD'S HEAD!!! (Yell, while pounding your fist into your hand)


Shhh, they're dead...  (with a tiny voice...creepy-like)