Me and My Dinosaur


One day when the weather was cloudy and gray,
And I wished someone would come over and play,
I heard a "knock knock" and I opened the door,
And there stood the loveliest big dinosaur!

*Chorus:  Me and my dinosaur!
                I never had such a friend before!
                As big as a house, twenty times and a half,
                And fifty times taller than any giraffe!
                Legs long as Sequoia trees!
                Teeth big as piano keys!
                No two people are buddies more
                Than me and my dinosaur!

We hop-scotched to Africa quick as a breeze,
While leap-frogging over the coconut trees,
And when we got thirsty, mile after mile,
In one great big gulp we just drank up the Nile!


We went to church, and then we went to school.
My dinosaur, gee he is really cool!
I climbed all the way from his tail to his cheek;
Without stopping once it took nearly a week!