The Fly Song


*Chorus:  Oh, there was a little fly,

               Who flew into a store.

               He pooped upon the ceiling,

               And he pooped upon the floor.


               He pooped upon the bacon

               And he pooped upon the ham,

               And he pooped upon the head

               Of the little grocery man!


Oh, the little grocery man,

He got himself a gun.

He swore he’d get that fly

Before the day was done.


But before he could count

From one to ten,

That fly came down and pooped upon

The grocery man again!




Now the little grocery man

Had a little grocery wife.

They knew they’d get that fly

If it meant their only life.


So, they bought themselves a cannon,

And they hid inside the store,

And they blew themselves to blazes

As the fly flew out the door!




Oh, they found themselves in heaven

Outside the pearly gates.

St. Peter said, “No matter,

For now you’ll be repaid.”


They got their angel wings

And they flew into the sky

And they both swooped down like buzzards

And they pooped upon the fly!